It’s in the mail….

The issues of Quiltmakers 100 Blocks, except for the one being send to Canada directly from Quiltmaker, were mailed out yesterday so the lucky winners will have them showing up in their mailboxes soon.   Also, the last calendar giveaway for the Dog Pound Pals BOM group were also mailed out yesterday so I think I’m all caught up on the things that needed to get mailed.

Tomorrow my fabric Box of Fun should be delivered so I’m still deciding what to do with that fabric. Here’s just a couple designs I was playing with.  The colors/fabrics they are colored in with have nothing to do with the fabrics I actually bought.  It’s funny how many comments I get where readers will tell me they like “x” quilt design but not the gray I put in it, they’d use red instead. Depending on my mood – I would have several different responses to that comment. LOL  But when I color in designs I just plug some fabrics in – sometimes I use colors similar to what my finished quilt will look like but most the time, if the quilt is just in the preliminary stage I just have a standard fabric group I use that have nothing to do with any finished project. And these are just preliminary since looking at the image I see a couple areas where I would do things a bit differently.   I need to see the actual fabrics and the scale of them to decide what I really want to do.

but enough playing in EQ — I’ve been working on my Wiggle Wrap again and talk about a lot of knitting!  🙂  I’m now about half way through my yarn and that’s yearly 1200 yards knit so far – hopefully tomorrow I’ll remember to take a photo of it.