A project in the planning…

Not only were there Boxes (yes plural) of Fun coming this week with yarn (Wollmeise update) and then yes, tho I wasn’t gonna do any Black Friday shopping at TLE, I couldn’t pass up some Cascade sport weight yarn which was on sale – two shades of blue which will make a lovely sweater – and at the price, especially on sale, it was a bargain for a SQ since it takes a whole lot of yarn.  But then, after cleaning up the sewing room, I had an idea stirring for a new project.  So, off to find the fabrics I wanted to use for it (no not in my neat and now tidy stash – but at TLE).  So one more Box of Fun will be arriving.  Now to finalize my  plan for these fabrics so I can get started on it over the weekend.

Have you checked out The Loopy Ewe’s Project Planner feature they added not long ago.  It’s  great – you can add yarn or fabric to them –  have several different projects planning at the same time – and see things side by side without hopping back and forth to check out color combinations, etc.

While the fabric I ordered was all from the same collection – Merriment – so I knew the colors were going to go together, it’s still nice to see the ones I ordered all together.

loopyfab  I love these fabrics because they “could” be Christmas fabrics but then again, not strictly so.

So what to do with them…. what to do……


And did you see friend Judy’s new Loopy Legend yarn??  Crawfish anyone? 🙂   Pretty shades of orange.  My Loopy Legend yarn (yes, I know, we were supposed to be knitting from the stash yet somehow we both got Loopy Legend status again) will be coming in the next batch from the dyer sometime early next year — which isn’t too dang far away anymore!