Just in time

I got the scarf fringe added — just in time for the snowstorm on the blog!  LOL  I forgot it’s set to automatically turn on the snow on the screen.  It is turned on for a couple weeks if I remember right and today must have been the “start” day of the winter storm. Good think there’ a warm scarf to ward off the cold.

No purl ribbed scarf -  started 10/2014 finished 11/30/14

No purl ribbed scarf – started 10/2014 finished 11/30/14

Whew! Only one casualty….

I have a sewing room again!  Not just a really large closet like room full of clutter. LOL  but a clear table to work on and things put back in place.   And its been rearranged for winter sewing — my table where I work moved as far away from the window as possible to stay clear of any cold drafts.  Just a couple of things on the window sill to sort through and a pile of fabric to get off the ironing board.  I moved one of the fabric shelves into the closet so was able to bring the wooden arm chair from my living room into the sewing room — which makes space for the Christmas tree in the other room.

DSCN3949 The only casualty — my printer cord.  I was just going to print something and when I moved the printer, I must have either stepped on the USB end of the cord or rolled over it with my chair — it’s bent out of shape and no way will it work as is.  But, if that’s the worst casualty, which can easily be replaced next time I’m out shopping, then that’s pretty good.

So bedroom and sewing room decluttered.  Next up (but not today!) the coat closet (the true catch-all place for anything and everything  — except coats it seems) and then the kitchen cabinets.

But time for a treat since I’ve been working so hard and a fresh cup of coffee since I think I’ve reheated this one several times because it’s gone cold.  Next –  I’ve got a scarf I finished knitting a while ago that just needs its fringes added; I can then mark one more item on the done knit from the stash pile.

Hmmm I just spied those three Halloween blocks on the far right of the big design wall — I thought I put all those away yesterday! LOL  I must have gotten distracted.  Must go put them with the others right now so they all stay together.

Sunday, Nov. 30, 2015

I love breakfast on the weekends.  During the week, it’s my latte and maybe grab a scone at the coffee shop, but at home on the weekends I usually eat brunch rather than breakfast and lunch and I love muffins, biscuits – all those yummy things.   Give me a good omelet and a warm muffin and all is right in my world.

Today, however, I woke up thinking about waffles and cornmeal muffins.  I love waffles  but don’t make them often.  I knew I didn’t have enough cornmeal left for muffins but a half batch of waffles – that might be possible.  So waffles are mixed and just waiting for the waffle maker to heat up and syrup is simmering on the stove, nearly thickened to the right consistency.

So the really important question of this morning…. are you a Belgium waffle person or a skinny waffle person.  I am a skinny waffle person and when my old waffle maker died I had to search for a long to find a waffle maker that still make skinny waffles.  I like them crispy on the outside and leftovers get frozen to pop into the toaster.    Here’s the recipe I’m trying today  Cornmeal waffles.  Now to see if the waffle maker is ready.

It was ready – they were good. I’ve now had my waffle fix for a while and there’s a few to toss in the freezer for some other day.

I was doing a little playing in EQ this morning while trying to decide what was for breakfast so here’s a little eye candy.  I was playing with some different settings (horizontal versus vertical) using the same block

Here’s horizontal

straight It’s okay but it’s much more interesting when it’s set on point here.






Then there was this design — same setting for both of the images of this quilt.  It uses three different sizes of the same block design.  The first one is okay.



but adding in more colors makes the circular design pop out.  I love those straight pieced designs that give a curved secondary appearance.


Enough play – need to finish the last of the cleaning in the sewing room.