Don’t ya just hate it…

When you get done with a project and realize – dang I screwed up.  As I was casting off the last stitches I realized I had strayed from the stitch pattern I had been using.  That’s what I get for putting the project aside for awhile and working on other things and never writing down how I was making it.

It’s done, but it has some major issues –  I think it’s headed to the scrap heap.



11 comments on “Don’t ya just hate it…

  1. I’m sure anyone who reads you would love to have it. Pretty colors. Put it in one of your drawings. Waste not, want not!

  2. Well, I for one don’t see the mistakes…Don’t throw it away.Consider it a design change… Use for everyday or donate to homeless shelter. Lovely anyway you look
    at it.

    • You wouldn’t see the mistakes with it all in a pile – it’s not simply a stitch pattern that’s off or something like that – and “scrap heap” does not mean I’m throwing it away

    • Yes I do really like the yarn – it’s got a little bit of mohair in it so it makes it very light weight and airy but helps trap heat in and although I usually don’t like yarns with metallic in them — this one I like.

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