Icicles are hung

…icicle lights that is. It was a wet business tho from the snow melting off the deck above me.  But warm outside – must be at least 40 degrees and the sun was shining.   So it was a job well done before the temps take a drop.  Much easier to hang lights when the cords don’t freeze all kinked up and your fingers aren’t turning numb! 🙂 And I found the light timer which I thought I had lost.  Now to see if I guessed the right setting for them to come on dusk to dawn since I don’t actually have the instructions anymore.

I was going to get all kinds of other things done today too but I’ve spent way too much time searching Ravelry patterns trying to decide what to do with this yarn.  I had put it in a cabinet where yarn does NOT get stored  but on my quest to declutter and get things in their proper places, I pulled it out.

DSCN3787I had bought this a while ago a LQS and I keep looking at it and petting it because it’s so soft and I love the soft colors.  It’s 100% baby alpaca so will feel so good next to the skin. I just wasn’t finding any patterns so I think I’ll just make a color block cowl.  the yarn is so soft and drapey that I think the edges would definitely curly so I’m doing to knit it in a tube so there is no “edge” per se.  Something similar to this but I may add some thinner stripes in too where the color changes.

I did get a few other tasks done that were on my list — did run to the grocery store so just have to decide which goodies I want for dinner.  I can’t believe it’s already 4 pm. but then I get my second wind on the weekends in the wee hours of the morning.  Maybe I’ll finish straightening up the sewing room then.

But now it’s time for more coffee, and to finally finish going through the last of the DVDs and videos to decide what else needs to be gotten rid of.  Who accumulated all of them anyway! 🙂 – keeping only my favorites that I’ll re-watch – great knitting or sewing accompaniment. But there were a lot I got rid of – my goal is to get them all back on one small shelf unit without them being crammed every which way to get them to stay on the shelves.   Clutter beware  – next is the magazine stack to weed out and add to my dumpster bag – and then to figure out if I need to rearrange any living room furniture in order to have a place to put the new Christmas tree when it arrives next week. Ah yes – have to deal with the old tree too….. but that can wait.  A bit more tidying and then I shall reward myself with some knitting.

I’ve got some sewing planned for tomorrow I think – need to get the last rows sewn together on the wedding quilt.

Don’t ya just hate it…

When you get done with a project and realize – dang I screwed up.  As I was casting off the last stitches I realized I had strayed from the stitch pattern I had been using.  That’s what I get for putting the project aside for awhile and working on other things and never writing down how I was making it.

It’s done, but it has some major issues –  I think it’s headed to the scrap heap.