It’s been a busy day

Well – many coffee breaks, several bite size pumpkin chocolate chip muffin breaks – but I accomplished a lot.  After deciding I did want a skinnier Christmas tree, got that ordered so it should arrive next week.   Now does that mean that that really huge Christmas tree plastic storage tub should  be used to store yarn instead?????  No…definitely not.  Hopefully the smaller tree and most of the ornament containers will be able to fit in side it instead of only the tree – that’s my hope anyway. (But ….then again….. that tree tub would hold a whole lot of yarn!)

Speaking of yarn – I have managed to get two items finished for the Indie Designer Gift Along on Ravelry.  Both are from the Just Enough Ruffles pattern but one I made longer than the pattern required — that was a whole lot of stitches to bind off on the ruffle let me tell you! LOL  This is the longer of the two.

Here’s the first one which just came off the blocking boards.

DSCN3945  The yarn is Freia – an ombre yarn and the colorway is Flare.  The other one is still drying along with a cowl I blocked.

And further speaking of yarn…. there was a Wollmeise update this week — well actually there were two but I totally missed one of them which is just as well.   And for a change, by the time realized it there were actually more colors left than just greens  (there are always a lot of different shades of greens but it seems like that’s all that ever is left by the time I look at them).  Anyway, I wanted some gray or black so some such neutral DK to mix with some other DKs I have for a striped sweater.  So did not go crazy and order a lot – just a few.  It’s so hard to get a sweater quantity of a specific color that I decided to go the color block or striped route and have been collecting colors for that.   I thought about ordering more but decided no. Such willpower, huh?   Actually I think it’s that all this cleaning out of closets the past few days has me thinking I have too much crap   stuff. 🙂  Anyway – I shall maintain this resolve and totally ignore the fact that both TLE’s and ESK’s Black Friday sales are tomorrow.

Time to check out my bus schedule for tomorrow since my normal bus doesn’t run (since the Capitol Square will be sort of a ghost town with not many people working) and figure out what time I need to get up to catch the other route to work.  Then there’s a knit baby blanket I need to bury ends on and I hope to finish off the last couple rows of a cowl.


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