Cleaning cleaning cleaning – well mostly cleaning

It was a busy day yesterday.  Winter sweaters located, summer stuff packed away, bag of clothes to get rid of…. space bags all resealed and stored back in the closet which was rearranged.  A job well done – not quite finished but nearly.  If only the space  bags didn’t crease everything so bad that you have to rewash perfectly clean items just to get the creases out. LOL But several loads  of laundry later, I have a couple stacks of sweaters ready to wear and  nearly all the regular laundry done.

As usual I would get sidetracked from time to time — wanted to make some gingerbread cake and went looking for the recipe and that one page was missing from my cook book (okay it’s an old loose-left version of Betty Crocker and there are probably more pages missing than just that one) but this led to having to clean out the cabinet above the fridge where all the cook books  and a large stack of Taste of Home magazines were out of control.  There really are only about 3 cookbooks I use — all the rest have been piled I a bag to get rid of.  No reason they need to take up storage space when I never use them so won’t miss them.

Never did find the missing cook book page, but a little search on line and I found this gingerbread cake recipe.    It is delicious – I highly recommend it.

Hopefully today the wet on the sidewalk is really just wet and not ice so I can make it to the dumpsters and mailbox.  Oh good grief – I just looked at the weather on my homepage and it says it’s 49 degrees outside – heat wave and not ice out here.  Gray and foggy and gloomy but I don’t mind that.  Maybe just maybe I’ll get the outside holiday lights up.  But now that I know it’s warm out – time to get dressed and load up my garbage/recycling bags and head out.

I’ve received inquiries about the pattern I’m using for the Asian print fabrics I’m stitching on.  My fabrics are just from the stash but that pattern was design for a new collection of fabrics from Hoffman California Fabrics called Kotori.   You’ll have to check Hoffman’s website – the pattern isn’t listed among their free patterns yet but it will be once the fabric line it is designed for starts shipping out to shops.  The actual pattern has a bit of applique on it which I didn’t include on mine due to the fabrics I was using.  Here’s what Kotori Fans looks like.  My friends know I’m not fond of pinkish colors but this first colorway – Petal Silver, I just love the best of the three colorways.