What’s on the Needles?

What ISN”T on the needles?   I definitely have a bad case of SOS — no, I am not stranded on an island, in this case it would be ” Shiny Object Syndrome”!   And the objects don’t necessarily even have to be shiny.  Yarn for instance can distract me in a second to casting on a new project.

DSCN3939This the group of projects I gathered up from various locations around my usual knitting chair.  All scarfs of one type or another.

The “Oh Helen” scarf in the back.

Moving forward the next two are both Just Enough Ruffles  – I’m starting the ruffle part on both.  The multicolored orange/purple is half as wide again as the blue one (blue one was made to pattern instructions).  Increasing all those ruffle stitches can take a while and it can take even longer when you made the scarf longer AND only increased the stitches on a one on one ration rather than the two to one the pattern calls for.  So after doing the first increase row with not enough stitches, I did a second increase row which I just finished — it should all work out pretty much the same.


Isn’t the light aqua/gray yarn knitting up pretty?  I love the look of it.  The Just Enough Ruffles are part of the Indie Gift Along – if I get them done.


and then this  DSCN3941yarn arrived this week — both for Indie Gift Along projects (for me).

I couldn’t resist the Malabrigo Rios Purpuras — that color is so pretty  and it’s for Andalusian Cowl.   Shaker Rib makes such a fun squishy fabric–  it doesn’t feel heavy but it feels thicker and I think the way it’s knit helps trap heat between the layers – that’s my theory any way  In any event, with the bitter cold of last week – I’m wanting this done soon so I can wear it over my winter coat to help cut the wind.


The blue yarn is Malabrigo Finito – superfine merino and that’s what I think of it — it’s “super fine!”  It feels so good.  I have one cowl made from some and it’s so cozy – light, but warm and oh so soft.


I did venture out earlier this morning – it’s much warmer than it has been but that has just meant that instead of snow, we got freezing rain over night.  I could see someone had put salt down (sparingly) and it felt so warm I figured it was mostly just a wet sidewalk so decided to take the garbage out and get my mail.  Hmm… my sidewalk was “mostly” just wet and not icy — but when I stepped into the parking lot it was a sheet of ice.  At that point I was halfway to the dumpsters but it was just too hazardous — but it’s early and should warm up a bit more so I can try again later. LOL  I am hoping that the ice melts on my patio so I can haul my little step stool out there sometime this weekend and maybe get the outdoor icicle lights put up since it actually feels quite balmy out there at the current 34 degree temp, tho it’s quite foggy.

So… a good day to sit and kit or sew don’t ya think? or maybe bake something…… anything to avoid the task I NEED to do — I pulled all the space bags with sweaters, etc shrunk into them out of the closet this week to try to find something warm to wear — they are tossed all about the bedroom so I need to pull out what I want, de-wrinkle them, and reorganize the closet a bit (okay a lot) – but that does not sound like much fun!