Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour

Welcome –  I’m so excited to be a part of another Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour  especially since this is the 10th issue which means 1,000 quilt blocks have been shared to date!

DSCN3917 When I previously posted the sneak peek at the front cover and said I just might have been lucky enough to have my block appearing on the front cover, many of you who are regular blog readers knew of my love obsession with bird blocks.  Not realistic birds with every feather in place — no, my birds find themselves in a bit more unusual circumstances or……. wearing clothing. 

The weather seems quite appropriate for my block in this issue.  The cold snap came in last week here, as it did in many parts of the country, bringing low temperatures and snow and if this bird were out there, it would indeed be “Skating On Thin Ice ” which is the title of my block for Issue 10.

You could use any applique method of your choice to make this block.  My favorite method is hand appliqued and you can find a short tutorial here on how I use the freezer paper on the bottom method when I hand applique.  Having the edge of the freezer paper underneath your pieces to needle turn against helps give nice smooth edges.


For the fabrics for this block I went stash diving.  I was trying to figure out how to show snow and ice so they didn’t blend together too much and remembered my favorite snowy fabric – it may be hard to tell in the photo but the snow fabric is white with flakes printed on it and it has little flecks of blue.  The flecks of blue sort of looked like the sky was reflecting on icy snowflakes.  Then I remembered the light gray fabric in the stash that had silver metallic swirls — just what I wanted for the ice — it looks like the skate blades have been cutting patterns in the ice on the pond.

I found a black fabric with silver specks on it for the skate blades – the silver is of course bits of ice stuck to the skate blades from all his fancy footwork.  Here’s a close up of the skate and ice fabric.

closeup laced skates

So how did this idea come about — well, I’m not really sure.  He started out as a very small cardinal sitting in a tree in a drawing for a different project.


tree I use EQ 7 to draw my projects so it’s easy to steal him out of that tree and use him elsewhere. There are many EQ7 projects that just have to sit for a while and when I go back to them later, I come up with a new or better (in my opinion) way to use the project or make changes to it.   But doesn’t he look bored in that tree (0kay he’s very tiny but trust me, there is a very bored expression on his face)  just sitting there, no hat or scarf to keep him warm, nobody to talk to….


Then he got moved to hang out with a different snowman friend on another potential wall hanging – they look like they’re having an interesting conversation but then I got the idea for a bird bath with icicles hanging down ….

show off That’s when I decided he needed skates.  But in order to use the 12″ block format, I plucked him off the bird bath and put him on the pond.  Besides it was safer getting him away from that bird bath since I’m not sure whether the cat is thinking “should I eat him with his skates on” or “who put this stupid cap and shawl on me anyway!?”   



So we end up back at “Skating on Thin Ice”.








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ETA – Winners chosen – names posted on next blog post.  Thanks for stopping by!