Snowy Sunday

DSCN3936  A light covering of snow fell overnight making the woods look all pretty. The deer hunters in the area are probably glad — they’ll be able to see tracks.

It is a very light and fluffy snow — remind me four months ago that I thought snow was “pretty”. LOL  Actually I don’t really mind snow (unless it comes in foot increments all at one time).  

DSCN3937And check out that new sturdy looking retaining wall that was finished  just in the nick of time.  Hopefully there will not be ice dams flowing over the top of it.  Between the retaining wall and the fence is about three feet of rock to provide drainage of what melts on the hill before it gets to my sidewalk.

And even better, the retaining wall is actually straight up and down and not leaning in over the sidewalk ready to collapse like the old one was.

Here’s the yarn I found in the stash to use for  Just Enough Ruffles.  It’s Three Irish Girls Wexford Merino Silk (60 silk/40 merino) so you know it’s squeezably soft and silky feeling.  The color is Globe Trekker with a great mix of blue/gray so I’ll be interested to see how it looks when I’m farther along knitting it up. DSCN3938 🙂




4 comments on “Snowy Sunday

  1. That’s a great pattern you are starting. I have made 3 of them and love them all. I just got back home from driving in our snow and all I have to say is yuck!!! Love keeping up with you on your blog.

  2. Nice that they finished the retaining wall just in time. That yarn is such a pretty color. It will look good with any dark color winter coat. Now you are all set to sit with a cuppa and knit away and watch it snow. It’s snowing here today too, but just a dusting.

  3. That yarn is absolutely gorgeous and will be beautiful with a winter coat. Your light snow does look nice. We got about 5 inches yesterday. That would have been fine except for driving an hour each way to help our youngest daughter and husband load a moving truck in the heavy snow. Roads were awful.

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