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How many projects are too many projects??   I forgot to do my On the Needles Friday post and I’m too lazy to go take and photos of stuff in progress. 🙂  But back to that how many projects are too many…..Earlier this week I was checking out the Indie Gift Along 2014 on Ravelry.  Lots of designers, with lots of patterns discounted 25%.   The idea is you can get great discounts on patterns and check out lots of designers you may not have come across before, get a jump start on your holiday gifts you may be knitting or crocheting, and there’s also all kinds of challenges and giveaways of patterns and other items throughout the duration of the Gift Along.

Since I really only probably have four people I will need gifts for, and only one of those four I might actually consider knitting  something knit for, I really don’t need to join a Gift Along …. but there were several designers whose patterns I liked and had been thinking of buying so I took advantage of the discounts.  If you want to join and see how it works – you can find all the info in the group on Ravelry.

While I won’t be playing along to win the  daily/weekly/etc prizes — and there are many of them but if I get sucked into all the goodies and contests and chat groups, those things seriously take away from actual knitting time — I do hope to get one or two projects done before the end of the year  although they are pretty much gifts for me. 🙂

Here’s a couple of the projects I’d like to make:

Macoun Apple – is a sweet little sweater.  I bought the pattern a few weeks ago and also got some  light green yarn for it so I cast it on Thursday (the start date for the GAL) and  but I need to get a longer circular needle before I can continue.  It has a very neat saddle shoulder beginning which I like.  This item I don’t need for a while so not a rush to get it done.

With the current dip in temperatures and very windy days we’ve been having, I came across Andalusian Cowl.  Now that looks warm — either to toss over my shoulders as I’m sitting and knitting or sitting and quilting in my sewing room where it tends to be a bit drafty during the winter, but more importantly, I think it would be great to wear over my winter coat on those really cold windy days waiting at the bus stop.

The other pattern, which I bought two years ago so I think it’s high time I actually made it is Just Enough Ruffles.   I know friend Judy had that one on her list of what she plans to make also.

And the other pattern  that caught my eye was Purls and Seaweed.   It just so happens I’ve had some pretty blue Finito (a wonderfully soft yarn that you just want to pet) sitting in my TLE cart but I hadn’t ordered it since I didn’t have a plan of what I would use it for (yes, I know you’re amazed but I do sometimes have great self-control – it must have been sitting there a couple weeks) — it is now ordered and will be this cowl.

So out of all those items are any of them Christmas gifts — no — but that doesn’t stop me from working on a few Gift Along Projects.Are you knitting or crocheting any holiday gifts?

Time to go do some stash diving to see what I might have to make Just Enough Ruffles.


From Head to Toe – A Knitter’s Gifts

I just uploaded this months’ installment.  Anyone still stitching along?  Are you caught up (if so you are way ahead of me)!

I put a note at the end of the directions but I’ll repeat it here.  There will be no installment in December – it’s just too busy a month – but we’ll resume in  January and then finish up in February with the final border.

There will be some fun in December tho — I’ve still got some of the Knitter’s Gifts blank notebooks and I think there’s one or two totebags left that I’ll need to do drawings for.


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