Sunday Stashbusting and other fun

I’ve actually been in the sewing room the last couple of days — doing, amazingly enough some sewing.  Of course that doesn’t yet affect the numbers of my stashbusting report, which currently stand at:


But I hope by next weekend to have my Asian quilt top I’ve been working on finished.

I also going to pull this wall hanging out of the closet — I think it got set aside with only the side sashings to get added to it since I’m not sure I’m going to add any other borders to it.


It needs to get finished so I will have a new fall wall hanging to put up.

While I had planned to get to work right away sewing sashing on my other project, I opened up EQ and of course now a couple hours have gone by.  Every so often I go back through the old EQ designs to see if any of them “speak” to me.  Sometimes going back I see something different, or see what needs to be changed.

Sometimes turning the blocks on point makes all the difference – sometimes not. 

When I turned one block on point and plugged in the blocks,  I was looking at it thinking “this looks familiar”…. why….

and then it finally came to me — it looks like a granny square crocheted afghan.  🙂





But enough of that fun — more coffee, something to eat, and then I’ve got blocks to sash.


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  1. Hope you get that leaf quilt finished, finally! The colors are so stunning for fall. How will you quilt it?

    • If you look in the right sidebar you’ll see an image of a larger version of the pattern design I did for Hoffman Fabrics – you can get the pattern there.

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