Blocks complete

All blocks are now framed.  There’s a sashing strip in the cream background color that joints all the blocks/rows together so that’s what’s up next.


Saturday Morning Sewing Progress

DSCN3934  I wanted to get all the large squares in this design all finished with their framing this morning and  finally they are.  I like the way it’s looking so far.  I have just five of the long skinny rectangles left to frame and then there is sashing that goes between all the blocks so I’m moving along.

I told myself I couldn’t have breakfast until I got those larger squares framed.  I also putzed with a few other things in between so it’s nearly lunch time.  But   I can fully attest to the deliciousness of friend Judy’s Chocolate Raspberry Jam since my English muffin is currently slathered with it. Wonderful!!    I highly recommend it and if you decide to make some yourself, feel free to send me a jar of it and I’d be happy to tell you if it tastes the same as Judy’s! 🙂

I need to get outside and batten down the hatches for the winter (move the patio furniture and finish cleaning out flower pots, etc.) since snow is headed this way on Monday.  Last night they were saying maybe 2-3″…… hmmmm god thing it’s not 5 or 6 since I belive my snow boots have been sitting in the bottom of my locker at the office ever since I last wore them to work.  Guess it’s time to also go dig through the winter season clothes tubs and see what I want out of them.

….or maybe just sew  instead. 🙂