Why is it….

that when I actually do take a day off something around this apartment always messes with me.  Leaks  (okay – probably good that I’m home then), air conditioner not cooling, or heat not working (reminder – go turn on the heat to make sure it is working BEFORE it gets really cold) or the reroofing of the building just happens to occur the week I’m on vacation – or any number of other noisy or annoying things.  The management takes very good care of the building for which I’m grateful and they are always quick to respond and solve the problem …. but those biscuits I was going to be eating my jam/jelly on …. they are now headed to the garbage because they were only halfway cooked.

I opened up the oven to check them — bright white light (not red hot element light) shining out of a portion of my oven element.  Yep – it’s shot- has a crack in it so I quickly turned it off.   The part number has been retrieved and I’m told “they” whoever we get the part from — have been really quick so it should be here by Monday.   I use my oven a lot — to me the microwave is only for heating up my coffee when it’s gone cold in my cup.    My plans to make dinner for a friend tonight- cancelled.  My biscuits and jam – cancelled.

Of course you never know when a part will fail (for me it’s ALWAYS on a Friday or Saturday so replacements/repairmen are not easily obtained) and I’m just being whiney  because I do so appreciate the speedy service of the maintenance and managers here – hey are the best – but when you know you can’t use something…. you want to use it all the more.  I guess pizza delivery it will be tonight.


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