Sewing progress

Once I got over whining about lack of an oven for the next several days, I did actually get some sewing done.

DSCN3932  I’ve now got over half the blocks framed in either the blue/gold cross bars or the taupe colored ones.   It’s been a bit slow going because one framing section I stitched –  that has a two patch at each end – I somehow managed to cut the center piece 1/4″ too long.  Dagnabbit!

So I’ve been taking one two-patch of one end, trimming off a 1/4″ of the center patch and reattaching two patches.  I hate having to do putzy stuff like that.  Luckily on I only stitched a portion of what I need of those patches so I can fix the others BEFORE I add the two patches.  Oh so much quicker if you cut the pieces the correct size! LOL  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll get the rest of them done.  It’s knitting time now tho.


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  1. I love the fabrics! Goofs like that are so frustrating but (Silver lining alert), they make novices like me feel better to read that experienced sewers/knitters goof as well. 🙂

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