On the Needles – on Halloween

DSCN3902I got home last night – it was cold (there was our first snowfall on the ground in the morning), it was incredibly windy, (a horrible night for those poor little tots trick or treating since it was only about 30 degrees and the windchill was lower) so I came home, put on my jammies, made some dinner, then spent the rest of the night snuggled under  a quilt in my chair knitting and never even turned on the computer.  So here’s what was on my needles on Friday night, was just cast off this morning…  Here’s my photo posted last week of the back of my CF Featherweight sweater. I started the back on Oct. 21 and cast it off this morning — not too bad for a fingering weight sweater since that day job does cut into knitting time.  🙂   I’ve already got the back soaking so I can pin it out to block.    Still trying to decide if I want to cast on both fronts to work at the same time or not.

Reminder – socktoberfest sock challenge photos were originally due today, see my earlier blog post of today regarding extension until tomorrow so you don’t miss out on the drawing for the Socks That Rock Rainbow Reindeer yarn.


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