Strips and more strips

I’ve been busy in sewing room pressing strip sets I had previously made and making some more, but I wanted to get to the more fun part – seeing what a few of the blocks on the design wall would look like with their framing added to them.

DSCN3907I wasn’t sure if I would really like lighter framing color I picked  it’s sort of a cross between tan and taupe but it looks really good with the other fabrics.

I’ve gotten the top row of blocks all framed and just started on the second row,

DSCN3911 DSCN3912 DSCN3910


5 comments on “Strips and more strips

  1. Great next step, love your choice of fabric in your strip sets. The lighter shade really sets off the block fabric, I think anything darker would have ‘popped out’ in the wrong way. Your block fabric choices always go so good together. Can’t wait to see your finished project.
    Lisa in Alabama

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