Apples and Cinnamon…. the smell of Fall

Is anything better than the smell of something backing with cinnamon in it?   Maybe if it is apples and cinnamon together.

DSCN3878 Not a great photo – muffins never really look great in my photos but these are pretty darn tasty.  I tried a new recipe – looking for one that was a bit healthier than the recipe I usually use that might not add up  too badly on Weight Watcher points. – this one has no oil or butter and also has oatmeal in it.

The recipe I used is here.  However, in looking up the link again, I realized I left one ingredient out  – and it definitely (in my opinion) doesn’t need it.   I totally missed the white sugar listing and I don’t think it needs it at all – especially if you are sprinkling cinnamon sugar on top of them (which I did).

I only added the brown sugar and I used skim milk – because I don’t really like milk but will drink skim if its mixed in something like a smoothy – so it’s the only kind that might be in my fridge.  Most of the “healthy” baked items I’ve tried I haven’t liked – the texture was wrong or they just had no flavor –  but these I will definitely make again when I’m looking for a baked treat.


Heel has been turned on my Socktoberfest sock — the yarn has now gone to skinny stripes for the sole of the foot.

DSCN3880It’s on to tackling the sewing room and getting that closet back in order since there has not been any more leaks since they did some caulking in the bathroom above my closet.  Hopefully they solved the problem but I think I’ll throw the plastic drop cloth back over the  tubs stored in that side of the closet.

A refill of the coffee cup (and put those muffins in the freezer so I’m not tempted to go nab another one) and let the cleaning commence – as soon as I find a “movie to clean to” to pop in.