Swap Blocks done

A relaxing afternoon spent in my sewing room and my swap block sets are now complete.  Here’s the last set.

DSCN3875  There’s two different center fabrics among the four blocks.  I didn’t have enough of either  and was using up scraps. On is all over candy corn print and the other is candy corn also but in the shape of stars.

Jack-o-lantern stars

It’s been a busy morning.  A couple loads of laundry have been done, hopped the bus to the grocery store so supplies are restocked, and have been busy stitching on my Spooktacular Halloween Block Swap blocks.

I just finished off a set of these Jack-o-lantern stars.

DSCN3874  The ghosties and pumpkins around the blocks are just a Photoshop picture frame but they were so cute I had to add them.  And I love the spider web in the upper left corner of the picture frame with the spider hanging down  It would be a great embellishment to embroider on a Halloween quilt – I’ll have to keep that in mind.


I need to decide one more block design to make.  My original plans did not include me running out of printer ink (which I still haven’t gotten to the proper store to get more) so I’ve nixed the paper piecing blocks I was going to make since I can’t print them.  So time to open up EQ and peruse the block libraries to see what I might like to make.  Then finally, after several weeks of it being scattered about the sewing room, I can pack up the Halloween fabrics for a while.