Bellissima Collection

Go to to download my latest quilt design for their Bellissima Collection.  Super simple and perfect for those large prints in your fabric collections.    Colorways in Granite, Orchid and Jade.

You can see images of other patterns I’ve designed for Hoffman California Fabrics by clicking the button in the sidebar.

Bellissima in Granite

Belissima in Granite

Bellissima in Jade

Bellissima in Jade

Bellissima in Lilac

Bellissima in Orchid

On and Off the Needles


Loopy Academy 2014 Semester 1 Northanger Abby Mittens

Loopy Academy 2014 Semester 1
Northanger Abby Mittens




Better late than never – here’s my Friday Saturday On the Needles Update:

First – I showed these previously on the blog but I just love them – Loopy Academy Mittens completed.  Link to the pattern if you are interested is in my previous blog post.  Or simply search Ravelry for Northanger Abbey.

Then here is the progress so far on my Socktoberfest Challenge Socks.  Can’t wait to see how these turn out since it has sort of gone from stripes to pooling.


And as I was working on the second pair of mittens (same pattern as the Loopy Academy ones), I glanced over at the “knitting in waiting” basket and realized one of the cowls I am working on matches the mitten color quite nicely.