Loopy Academy 1st Semester projects complete

Loopy Academy 2014 Semester 1 Northanger Abby Mittens

Loopy Academy 2014 Semester 1
Northanger Abby Mittens

My Northanger Abby Mittens are complete!  I’ve got to say these are the best fitting mittens I think I’ve ever made – and I’ve made a lot of mittens.  I love the simple cable ridges that extend from the ribbing.  I already cast on a second pair.  I think I might need some to match each coat/jacket for fall and winter. I highly recommend this pattern.   So all my Loopy Academy 2014 1st Semester projects are now finished

Here’s a progress photo on my Socktoberfest socks.  Altho I started over because my first yarn choice needs to be used for a plain jane sock (it was totally hiding any patterning)  and I cast them on too large — starting over was good because I love the way this yarn is turning out as I knit it.  It starts out sort of striping.    This photo was taken  last weekend after my first night of knitting on them.  I’m now nearly ready to start the heel.  Once I got past this point, the yarn started to pool more but I love the shades of blue and purple — looks like someone spilled grape juice on them. LOL  I updated my knit from the stash totals and well, I’ve knit about half as much as I’ve added — could be worse!  (and will be unless I get some larger projects finished since I found a absolutely gorgeous red yarn and had to order a sweater’s worth.  But I must get back to work on the sweaters on the needles because once that yarn is here I’ll want to start on it.



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  1. Your mittens are wonderful. They look comfortable and the pattern is very striking. I want to try mittens soon. I’m still trying to get my sock knitting knowledge down.

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