Socktoberfest Challenge correction and some other stuff…

If you subscribe to my blog  you may not have seen the correction – the Socktoberfest challenge does not end October 1 – it’s November 1.  The original blog post has been corrected.  While it could be done, I think one year I did start and finish a pair of socks that quickly but I wanted them for a gift and I happened to be on vacation at the time and spent many hours knitting.  So no – you do not need to knit your socks in three days. 🙂

I decided on the sock pattern I’m making and actually have about an inch of my ribbing done.  I was going to make Porthos but then as I was looking for the right needles, discovered I still have a pair in that pattern that I need to finish off.  I know I’ve got House  Targaryen on the needles because that’s the pair I just brought home from the office – just part of the foot to finish and they’ll be done.  There’s also a pair of basket weave that need to be finish (so maybe I shouldn’t be starting more? – naw – eventually those will get done now that sock wearing weather is approaching.)   But then I just decided whichever pattern I came to first in my stack of printed patterns, that would be the one I make — and it was Ice Cube.  It will be interesting to see if this yarn pools or how it knits up.

I had hoped to start on a fall wall hanging today or get some strip sets sewn and cut for the Asian design on my design wall but spent most of the day  puttering with other things, but these fabrics I recently got from TLE are calling to me.

DSCN3835The fall colors will get used with a group of fall tone on tones I previously got – greens and golds and burgundies – I love fall colors.

The light blue at the top is a swirling snowflake print for a different project.


And, on my search for grays in the right tones/shades, I have found a few more to add to my pile.


The three on the right side came from TLE and the other ones I ordered at a different on-line shop.DSCN3834

It will be one of those projects where I need to see them all side by side to decided if I’ve got the right shading from dark to light among the various gray fabrics but so far I’m finding ones I like.  They all look lighter due to the flash – the corner of the gray you can seen at the left of the top photo is actually true to color for that print.

Eventually when I get enough of them collected I plan to use them in this design I call Gray Matter.

Back to my socks…… and talking about fall colors made me remember I have a leaf wall hanging I probably started last fall that just needs a border or two added. So I shall finish that one first before starting another — really I will!











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