Knitter’s Gifts September Block is Now Available

My quilt design images have been sent off for approval finally so I got to writing this up much quicker than I thought I might.

mit  The block for this month is now available.  Well, no, this snowman mitten isn’t actually in the quilt but you could easily make him  – the face just happened to be saved in the same file when I was looking for some applique to add to the basic mitten — this month’s block gives you opportunities to make them your own – adding more fabrics, trims, buttons and other embellishments or you could add applique or embroidery.

Remember, you will need your sashing fabric next month! EQ7 estimates 1+1/2 yards for the sashing.  I have to decide what I want to use for that yet.

I’ve been on the computer working since early this morning – dang my day is gone since it’s nearly 6 p.m.   Hmmmm.. might just have to call the pizza guy for dinner tonight!!

3 comments on “Knitter’s Gifts September Block is Now Available

  1. Hurrah! I think you are a week early, heehee! I still don’t have the scarf done. I started sewing yesterday and had pre-cut my side pieces too small: Grrr…

    • don’t have the scarf done yet — you??!! You must have been slacking! 😉 Today part of my plan is to pull fabrics and decide what to use for my mittens and also for a couple dogs I need to make. Time to play a bit of catch up on the applique front this week I think.

    • RoFLOL –I didn’t realize until now that I am a week early. I really don’t want September to go any faster than it already is!! That’s what happens when I’ve got too much going on.

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