Fall /Autumn Collections Sale


Don’t miss out.  Two of my personal favorite wall hanging designs I did for EQ Boutique are included in this sale.


Harvest Time, which I’m currently personally gathering fabrics for because I haven’t stitched my own version of that one yet…


and Thankful Bounty – probably my favorite wall hanging in my collection.

But check out the other designers’ collections in this sale too!  Lots of fun stuff.

You can find all the sale designs here.   Please be sure to check the requirements of using these products.  The software no longer comes as a download as when it was EQ Boutique so you need to have EQ7, either for PC or Mac, in order to use these products.


One comment on “Fall /Autumn Collections Sale

  1. I loved making Thankful Bounty. It was so far outside my comfort zone because those just weren’t my colors. And I ended up making the acorns with regular piecing instead of paper piecing. It became a prayer quilt and went to someone facing a serious health challenge; I hope the recipient and family are still enjoying it. It was a rather fast piecing project, and I really enjoyed the quilting! I can recommend it highly!

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