Loopy Academy School Supplies

DSCN3783  My “school supplies” have arrived today – along with the Loopy Academy button which Little Loopy has claimed as his sword – protector of the stash from any rival Academy.  If I see him armed with a double-pointed needle sword, I’ll know we’re in trouble! 🙂

The variegated – Mrs. Crosby Satchel in Toucan for my cowl.

To the right of that, Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag in  Peacock.  The peacock is darker and more rich looking than in my photo and I might actually wear the hat I am making out of it because the color is so wonderful.

And in the back – Cascade 220 Heathers in 2433 Pacific for the mittens.  I haven’t decided on a mitten pattern for sure yet but I have enough yarn for the mittens that I might try felting them.  I don’t want them real tightly felted because then they get too stiff but a little felting could be a good thing when the below zero wind chills start to blow.

Now to collect the needles I’ll need, get to winding some of this yarn, and maybe start on one of them – there’s all semester to get them done.   Oh dang – now I have to go add this yarn into my “yarn in” numbers on the Knit the Stash tally.  Oh well – at least I know it won’t be too long before I can count it back out again. (Well, except for that extra hank of Toucan I got.)


But it might be a good day to sit out side for an hour or two and knit since after inches and inches of rain in the past week, it’s a lovely day here for a change.  Sunny, low 70s, no humidity, slight breeze — could it please stay this way for another month or two???

All the rain we got, and the heat and dry before that, did not help my garden at all.  Neither did the chipmunks and squirrels who kept taking chomps out of my already pathetic tomatoes and a pepper.    My cucumbers – those were great.  Probably didn’t produce as much as normal due to conditions, but produced plenty for one person to be eating and there’s still a couple more yet growing on the vines.   My red onions – did not get big at all but I’ll pull them eventually and use them.  The rain keeps washing the dirt off the top of them and I keep putting it back around them.    Tomatoes — my five plants did not get much on them at all and what was on them – either green or starting to get ripe, the critters chomped on all except……

one yellow tomato  and these

DSCN3781 Three little tomatoes were all I got!!!!  Dang critters.  But look at that pepper.  It is gorgeous and about 6″ long.  I was afraid to leave it out there to get any redder on the vine because I thought the critters were probably just waiting for the right moment to eat it.  There two or three more like it on that one pepper plant which was the star of my garden which hopefully will make it to fully ripe so that I (not critters) can eat them.  This one is going to be showcased on my dinner plate tomorrow night.  Steak and along with that my favorite salad topping combination — red onions (from my garden), pepper rings, blue cheese crumbles and walnuts.    I was going to have that tonight but had lunch really late so I think  a BLT with some of those tomatoes might be in order.