A slightly different alternate setting

For those working on Dog Pound Pals – the instructions for this month are loaded to the page.  There is one example of the setting sashing in those instructions, which is in the quilt image printed on that page and on yesterday’s blog post.  You can, however, flip them the opposite so the dark HSTs surround the opposite blocks.  Your choice – the sections are all made exactly the same way as the instructions, just flip flop.

Here’s the original image

dpp finished 82 x 92

and here’s the pieces flipped the opposite way





As for me – you know I seldom actually make my quilts exactly like my own patterns.  🙂  I want the applique dogs as a smaller, separate project than the entire quilt pattern since I’m going to hang the applique dogs on my living room wall. 

The Run Like the Wind border blocks and the bone blocks  I plan to use in a separate quilt I need to make.  They will look equally cute in rows in a baby quilt in more realistic dog fabrics or in bright crazy fabrics.  Or maybe I’ll put a large dog house in the middle and put the dogs around it.  

Anyway, here’s my plan to use the applique blocks for a wall hanging.  It will still be pretty large but I have some nice big walls.







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    • You bought the dog pound pal block collection from EQ Boutique? Is that what you’re talking about? How long ago did you buy it -EQ Boutique recently moved their website so it is part of Electric Quilt. If you bought it more than a month ago – did you look at your desk top to see if there’s an icon there for EQ Boutique? It makes a separate icon to access your downloads. If the icon is not there, then you will need to go to the Electric Quilt website, to the EQ Boutique link and there is info there on what you need to do.

  1. too cute. I love the dog border. You just HAVE THE CUTEST IDEAS. wISH I knew how to use EQ7 but as you know I am barely computer savy. I can order fabric and go on your blog and Judy’s blog but that is about it. keep up the cute ideas I love seeing them.

  2. I didn’t work on the Dog Pound Pets; however, I’ve been following your progress. These all are so cute, and again, you did good.
    Lisa in Alabama

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