Off and On the Needles – September 5, 2014



  Off the needles earlier this week – the back of my CustomFit Birch Bark.  It doesn’t really look like much tossed on the floor with all the edges curling willy nilly.

I started the sleeves, messed up the sleeves and ripped them out.  Decided to start the front instead and figured out what I had been doing wrong – reading the chart incorrectly – duh! so I’m at  least one repeat in on the cables on the front — three rows of the and the center row starts at the halfway point of the cable so they look like they alternate.   Did I mention I dislike making cables?? 😉   Oh well, I’ll soldier on but it has been relegated to home knitting rather than bus knitting.

So my bus knitting is my other CustomFit sweater which I can just happily knit along on and not have to worry about cable needles or which row I’m on and marking off each row.

My Loopy Academy yarn is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. 🙂  I’m not going to the Wisconsin Quilt Expo tomorrow after all  (the vendors are probably very sad!) and probably a good thing I’ll be home to save my  Box of Fun from floating down the sidewalk.   Mother Nature can turn off the faucet — it’s way to wet here already.