Dog Pound Pal Adoption Society members…… the unveiling……..

I decided rather than just show this on the DPPAS project page, I’d share it here as well.    So far the  “Society Members” have been busy appliqueing their twelve dog blocks.   At least one member, still has two blocks to applique because she’s fallen behind working on other quilt designs, Camp Loopy fabric projects and Camp Loopy knitting projects and she’s just been going a bit loopy with too many things on her plate — that would be me in case you didn’t figure it out.  But I’ll catch up eventually!

Anyway, the DPPAS members have been playing along not knowing what the final quilt design will look like.  Of course they can always finish their quilt off some other way, and there are already some finished quilt photos in the Justquiltin Flickr group.  But if they choose to continue on with my plan, here’s what the finished project will look like. 

dpp finished 82 x 92  I love the applique dog patterns but the dogs in the outer border, which I call “Run Like the Wind” just make me laugh.  It so reminds me of Cricket, the miniature schnauzer I had with the big floppy ears who could run like the wind.

This is a very sedate coloring of this quilt — the Members are making them in all kinds of fabrics – plaids, florals, batiks bright and more muted.  If you haven’t checked out the blocks in the Flickr group you really should.  They are so fun to see in all their different colors and fabric styles. 

So for those stitching along on this project – more info as to some options, finished sizes if you include only some borders versus all borders, etc. will be posted tomorrow along with the next section to stitch (we’re putting together the center of the quilt) will be posted to the DPPAS page.




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  1. This is awesome love the way you finished it. I’m one of the ones who have fallen behind but will get there. Love, it!!!!!!!!

  2. I love your finished quilt design. I had to finish mine since it will be raffled off at our dog show on the 13th. I guess I’ll have to make another one to use your border. So cute.

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