Just when I was breathing a sigh of relief……. along comes Loopy Academy!

Rah rah sis boom bah — Sheri and the elves at The Loopy Ewe clearly do not want me wandering aimlessly with nothing to do. 🙂  No I was never a cheerleader but I’m thinking my L’il Loopy might need his own pom poms and perhaps a megaphone.

After managing to get three sewing and three knitting projects for the three months of Camp Loopy done,  (and I think there are still scraps of those projects tossed around that need to be cleaned up and put away!) rather than quarterly challenges, it’s back to school with The Loopy Academy.   Follow the link and you can read all about their open enrollment program. 🙂  4-hootNo busing involved (except for the knitting I’ll be doing on my bus ride to work).


It’s been a good number of years since I was in school- – and as long as there’s no Chemistry class involved I think I can handle it (it’s very embarrassing to nearly flunk out of chemistry class when your Dad is the teacher — no reflection on him – I simply didn’t get it.  I skipped straight to chemistry rather than taking biology first because the biology teacher was a family friend and my good friend’s dad — he teased his students a lot, teased me when I was at their house, and I know what it would have been like if I’d been in his class 🙂  so I  avoided it but I barely made it thru chemistry. However, when I’m doing the daily crossword puzzles, I have managed to be able to answer some of the questions relating to the periodic table so something stuck  LOL- but I digress)  back to Loopy Academy……

So does going back to school mean I get a new backpack — oh wait, I have the “Camp’s a Hoot” backpack.

  Maybe a new lunch bag and notebook to keep my School assignments in —

 20140301_6oh I’ve got that covered.   The tote bag and blank notebooks I had printed as giveaways for the Head to Toe – A Knitter’s Gifts quilting BOM project are perfect with it’s knitting themed design on the front!

Okay – I just need to figure out what to make for my class assignments and then order my “school supplies”.  How great to have to buy yarn as school supplies!  I wonder if friend Judy is going to school????  I call dibs for a seat next to her! 🙂   (Sheri would probably have to separate us for being disruptive in class.)

Here’s the first semester assignment  – all things a gal in Wisconsin can definitely make use of.   



loopy assignment


 The tough part – decided what to make for each class project.

I think I have made a couple decisions tho

1.  Cowl — Slipstream cowl – I love this one and picked out some gorgeous yarn.

2.  For my hat I’ll be making (okay you know how I change my mind but I think I will stick to this one) Greyson Hat.  I like it because it is slouchy (and my hair needs no more flattening than it’s natural flat self) and the cables are mock cables so no cable needle involved, and it’s seamed.  I sooo hate knitting hats in the round.

3.   Mittens – I always need mittens.  Hmmm…. extra credit? — I may need to try a new cast on.  Think there’s extra credit if I actually make felted mittens?   I’ve been wanting to make a pair — double extra credit if I make them stranded and felted??? 🙂  Okay, maybe plain on the first felted pair to make sure I get the size the way I want before going crazy with stranding them.

You’ll just have to wait to see what my “school supplies” look like when they arrive.

Are you going to enroll in The Loopy Academy?   Be sure to get all the information at Sheri’s blog post linked above.