Still puttering

plat   and playing around with borders on this design for my bed-size version which means I didn’t get too many of my blocks sewn together yet.  But I did make great progress on my sweater I’m working on this afternoon.


But one of my favorite things about EQ is you can just keep switching up borders, adding in blocks or presets, until you decide YES, that’s the one.  I haven’t decided yet if this is the one. I have a couple more ideas I want to try.


4 comments on “Still puttering

  1. WOW!! that is so pretty with the double border. I am amazed at all the ideas you come up with. Reminds me of candles on a cake/

  2. I really like the borders, Denise. They give the quilt lots of interest. It’s like having those cute little swirly frosting motifs around the bottom of a decorative cake. Makes you want it more!!!

  3. WOW, I like this one a lot. Those borders just make the quilt. Now you are starting to think more like Judy L. I think you have as many borders on this one as she usually does. lol

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