Row one – and more changes


ETA — Interesting — the beginning of my post seemed to disappear!

What I was saying is I got my first row stitched and decided I wanted to replace the black mottled solid looking piece with the black print I had previously removed from the mix.  I decided with the taupey sashing, I would use the mottled black as the cornerstones rather than the red I had set aside for that.  So changes are still continuing.

The second photo is after I replaced that black fabric with the black and white print. Much better.

But now I’m going to stare at the wall a bit longer before stitching more rows.  I need to recut the other black pieces and replace those but I’m also thinking I may take out the fabrics with the red birds in them.  I may save those for a separate project but I have to decide if taking them out and using other fabrics in their place will ruin the whole controlled chaos thing I have going on — it may just make things more difficult.

So that is why I’ll be spreading out the fabrics I have to choose from below the design wall, putting my feet up and knitting a bit while I stare at the wall and try to decide whether take out the birds or leave them in.  Maybe some lunch will help with the decision-making.


Oh and the question for today — why is it every time I take a few days off work or there’s a three-day weekend,  there is also some noisy annoying project going on around the apartments.  I think the neighbors who live  above me on  the side of my apartment where my bedroom and my sewing room are must be moving out today — at first I couldn’t figure out why they were making so much noise but I do remember seeing a moving van parked in the lot near their door yesterday so that may explain it.  If they are not moving — what the heck are you doing up there!!!  One vacation, new roofs were being put on the building; another, relandscaping and hauling in rock around my apartment, several where rennovations to the apartment above or next to me because tenants had moved out.  All good things for them to be doing but couldn’t those things be done when I’m not home. LOL     Oh well, for the moment silence reigns so I think they must be gone for the time being.

Oh and today’s computer-related tip — do not slosh your cup of coffee on the mouse.  After taking the batteries out and sticking it in front of the fan to try to quickly dry it out, finding new batteries, it’s working fairly well but I think I need to add a new one to my shopping list.  So remember, no coffee for the mouse!


4 comments on “Row one – and more changes

  1. I would leave the red birds in if there is another piece of fabric that you are using with just a bit of red. Otherwise, I might be inclined to change it out — assuming there was something better in my stash. Funny about her mouse. Maybe he prefers tea.

  2. Put the mouse in a sealed plastic baggie with a cup or two of dry rice and leave it over night. It should dry it out good as new….ask me how I know!!

  3. I am also still cutting, but I should have most of the evening and all day tomorrow to work on it. I love your fabrics!

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