Today’s progress

I seriously thought I’d have my blocks stitched by the time I decided to quit sewing today but I don’t think that is to be.  It’s 8:15 p.m. here and the sewing elves did not make me dinner so time for a sandwich break.   Too much puttering around (and I was on the computer quite working on some other stuff) but tomorrow is another day.  I think after eating something, I’ll switch to knitting.

But good thing I decided to switch back to making the smaller quilt version with these fabrics because I’d still be puttering on which fabric piece to use where if I was making it bigger.   I had them all up here and then sat and stared at them awhile (taking a photo also helps to decide if you have your fabrics /colors distributed the way you like), and then started switching out a piece here and cutting a different piece for there…. I totally took out one of the back prints I originally had in along with the red.  Tho now that I have the pieces on the design wall, I’m thinking I may not put the piano key border on this one (I really hate making quilts from the exact same pattern and these fabrics wouldn’t show up real well in the piano key pieces).

Here’s the pieces I have up on the wall so far – and I think I’m actually done switching these around… maybe…..

DSCN3765so without the piano key border, I think this one will have a bit of a  sleeker, more modern feel in these fabrics.    I’ve probably got enough fabric left to piece a whole other quilt for the backside.  I need to cut some of my sashing fabric to decide whether I want black or red cornerstones – need to see them up against my sashing color to decide.

‘Course working on this one reminds me why I don’t do a lot of scrappy quilts – it just takes too long to decide what piece I want to put where and then cut the individual pieces – and way to messy too!

Friend Janet P, although she had limited time to sew today says she’s got her 16 blocks all stitched (she is always much quicker at finishing quilts she makes from my patterns than I am!) 🙂

So how was your progress for today?  Anyone of photos of their blocks to share on the Justquiltin Flickr group?


On another note, as I was taking a break and puttering (on Ravelry) I saw this Dandelions cowl pattern today.   I think it’s gorgeous – I love all the texture in it – you need to click on the photos to get the close up images of it.  I definitely have put that on my make in the not too distant future list.  Being a good knitterly friend, I had to email  friend Judy because I thought she might like it for herself or her DIL might need one so…. if she blames any future yarn purchase on me …. well it’s probably my fault. 🙂  But dang – who am I going to blame my having to order new yarn for that project on????   Tho I think there may be something in the stash that will work.


Okay – dinner time – sandwich? or maybe a big bowl of popcorn!


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  1. I LOVE watching your work progress and hearing how and why you make changes… Learn a lot from you 😉

  2. I didn’t get all of the blocks finished today; I did post a picture and submitted one the your flickr group. Playing with the fabric is definitely a big part of this project. Love it.

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