Stitch Along Madness

The madness is in my mind – I keep changing what I want to do.  My original plan – to make a bed size quilt – large queenish size.  Part of the original plan was that it was going to be a wedding quilt but then I decided just maybe I needed to keep it for me.

Then I was playing in EQ with the borders for the larger size quilt because I didn’t want to use the same style border as on the original Mix ‘n Match quilt.    Many of the fabrics I’m using for this larger version are larger prints that wouldn’t look as good cut up for that piano key type border.

But then when I found a border design I liked, I decided with this border I really would love to make one solids or fabrics that read as solids.  I really want to make it  so it turns out very similar to this look – three shades of a color for each block.

large mix 'n matchnew borderHmmm then I remembered  with Wisconsin Quilt Expo coming up – one of my favorite vendors just might be the place to get the fabric for this look I want.  I can envision this with quilting in each colored piece in thread to match that fabric color.   This is the one I think I need on my bed!

So now I think I’m back to making the lap quilt size out of the fabrics I currently working with or then again maybe larger to use for the wedding quilt –  although I found blocks I had made for another project that might work well for the wedding quilt.  Indecision at its finest.


See!!! I told you madness abounds.  Especially since I’m easily distracted today.  Must be lack of coffee – no one restocked the coffee supply so I really need to go to the grocery store or I’ll definitely not make it through a 3 day weekend!  🙂  No coffee in the house (okay there was one Kcup  and it was a flavor I hate), then there were no eggs, no bread for toast — who does the shopping around here (clearly I forgot about those items – that was the problem) but more importantly… Why doesn’t Perkins restaurant deliver????!!!  My day would have started off much better with a Granny’s Omelet and hash browns. 🙂

I was going to head to the grocery store bright and early this a.m., but it was raining and I did not feel like waiting at the bus stop in the rain.  The sun has since come out and it looks like it’s clearing off so next time the bus comes round, I may just have to be waiting for it.  In the meantime, I’ll get a few more blocks cut, try to decide what size I’m really going to make, and try to figure out what else needs to go on my grocery list.

Oh and to add to my distraction — but in a really good way — I just found out I’ll have another block in the upcoming  tenth anniversary issue of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks!   Somehow the original notification that they were including my block never reached me and I just assumed they weren’t planning on using it.  But then I got the email about the blog hop and other info so it was a very pleasant surprise indeed!  Tenth anniversary issue comes out in November.



11 comments on “Stitch Along Madness

  1. I ;love this border. It is a keeper. I wish I had a clue how to make it. Be thankful for the rain. We have temps in the high 90’s and we are way behind on average rainfall for the year. We were expecting a break in the temps on Wednesday at that didn’t happen. Then the next break was anticipated Friday, that didn’t happen either. I’m fortunate to have A/C. I pray for those who who cannot afford it. One of our lakes is 13 feet below its level. We need rain. I hope when we do get rain it’s not unmanageable. It has been a wicked weather year. Again, thanks for sharing the pattern for the lap quilt. I plan to use the pattern and use it to make a larger quilt and forego the border.

    • I do realize there are places that would love to have the rain we keep getting but there’s the other end of the spectrum too – a bit tough to be thankful for it when it’s flooding.

  2. I love your draft of the solids version of Mix n’ Match!! Yes, you will have to keep that one once it is made.

  3. You have a lot going on in that head of yours today! I know the feeling, but thankfully today I am relaxing a bit and giving my noggin a rest. Love the new design – color heaven!!! How is a person supposed to remember groceries when important things like quilt designs have filled up all the available brain space? I think you need a servant to shop for you and make you coffee and meals! LOL!!!

  4. Denise, Thanks for sharing this pattern with us! What a fun new border you designed for your bed quilt! Late starter today, but I’ll be with you!
    Cheers, Cathy

  5. Ok now you have infected me with your bug! I like this border a bit better than the original. Would it be possible to have that pattern also on the border day? Thanks!

    • Well the quick answer is no for several reasons. 🙂 One being that that border is on a larger quilt size than the pattern used for the stitch along so it wouldn’t fit.

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