Stitch Along Blocks

First – for those who are getting an error message in trying to download the file, please go directly to my blog (not to the email you get if you are a subscriber to the blog) and click the link on my blog.   I was trying to fix the unreadable text that shows up at the bottom of the block A directions so deleted the old file (which is in the email sent out to subscribers) and replaced the file.  It didn’t correct the issue of the garbled text when you “view” it in,  but when you print out the block the very last text on the bottom of the second page “should” print out correctly.  If for some reason it doesn’t print correctly off the corrected version, then your Acrobat or whatever pdf program you use is not recognizing the text properly and there’s not anything I can really do about that.  In any event, that text states that you need to make eight of that block and they should measure 9.5″ x 12.5″.

DSCN3762 Here’s a couple blocks worth of pieces I have cut out up on my design wall.  Are you using one-way fabric prints?   I am and I want them all to be “right side up” in my quilt.  So I will probably cut all my pieces today and play with them on the design wall until I get the arrangement I like (I’m making a larger version so many more pieces are needed) and then start sewing the individual blocks.

I could sew these blocks as I get the fabrics cut for each one but note that in the quilt image, the top row of the quilt has the blocks oriented one way, but then when you get to the next horizontal row in the quilt, the blocks are all turned 90 degrees. If you look at my blocks on the design wall, if I made another set of these exact same blocks for the second row and flipped them, my birds and trees and clouds and leaf fabrics which are one-way, would all be upside down in the next row.

Just something to think about if you are using one way fabrics.  If you don’t care if some are upside down, then it doesn’t matter.


5 comments on “Stitch Along Blocks

  1. I’m joining in. Your design is perfect for showing off prints, and I have a fall collection to use. So, thank you for the pattern. The border on the original is nice.

  2. minor point, not sure if you want to correct it or not, but the link for block A on your blog has a typo. At the bottom, where it should read block A and how many to make, it says block B instead.

    I know what I’m doing so it doesn’t make any difference to me. Just thought you ought to know.


    • Yes I saw that after I reloaded the page but wasn’t going to bother to load a revised page because it would again make the prior links void and then there’d be a ton more emails that the links weren’t working. 😉 It’s pretty clear from looking at the quilt you need the same number of each block so people should be able to figure it out.

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