Mix ‘N Match Stitch Along

colored   The Mix ‘N Match Labor Day stitch along will be held over the next three days.

  The schedule is — block pattern instructions for the center of the quilt available on Saturday.  There are two different block styles that make up the center of the quilt.

Sunday, I’ll post the block instructions to make the outer border blocks.

Monday, the sashing / plain border instructions and putting it all together.

As previously stated, these are the “quicky instructions.”  They are not as detailed as if I were writing a pattern for use elsewhere but this is such a simple quilt, they should not be hard to follow. 

Quilt size as shown is 60″ x 72″  If you go to yesterday’s blog post about the stitch along, you will find additional information – like download links to just a black and white line drawing of the quilt to use to preplan where your fabrics will be placed (get out those colored pencils or label the locations of specific fabrics for your reference perhaps)  and other information.  It also contains the very important information on how to download a Box.net file (the site where my patterns are stored).   It’s very easy to do, no sign up is required but you do need to actually use the DOWNLOAD button found the site.  The same info on file download can  also easily be found in the button at the top of the blog called “copyright and use of my patterns.”  If you are saving the pattern for later use and have never downloaded  from Box.net, I suggest you read it or your pattern may not really be saved when you go to look for it.  Remember, I don’t email patterns out privately.

If you like the fabrics show n in this quilt – check them out at The Loopy Ewe.  The fabrics in this one just make me smile. I love those daisy prints especially and they are so bright and pretty.  They are from the Moda Pot Luck collection. 

The version I’ll be working on this weekend will be using more Loopy Ewe fabrics – this time I’ll be working with these fabrics:

DSCN3689They are Cloud 9 Fabrics – Bark and Branch collection and some from the Shape of Spring collection and some Riley blenders.  The hardest part will be deciding what fabric to use where but I’ll be making a larger bed-size version for myself so I’ll have more blocks to spread the fabrics around in.

Don’t tell Sheri at The Loopy Ewe but I’m not so sure it’s a good thing they added a fabric department.  It’s seriously cutting into my yarn budget.  ;-).

There’s also a link in the sidebar for my Flickr group – a place to share photos of blocks/quilts made from my patterns.  Please feel free to  join and share your blocks or completed project photos – you never know when I might do a giveaway drawing from among the photos uploaded. 😉

Now, what you’ve  been waiting for:




16 comments on “Mix ‘N Match Stitch Along

  1. Thank you for the pattern. I am now at the point to work on the final border. Thank you so much. This was fun!!!

  2. Hello Denise
    Thank you very much for so generously providing this stitch along. I have just had visitors and am now catching up on my emails and when I read this one from you I hoped that I hadn’t missed out as I love this pattern of yours. I have just printed out blocks A and B and wanted to say thank you before I scroll back to find your “yesterday’s” post for your previous information.
    Thank once again
    Claire in Aus.

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Hi Denise,

    Getting an error that the file has has been removed for Block A. Block B works fine.

    I love the quilt!



  4. Denise the A didn’t come thru it said the file was removed. B came thru just fine as did your first post. Love the pattern!

  5. I can’t download block A. When I click on the link it takes me to the Box.com site but it says “This shared file or folder link has been removed. Think it’s a mistake? No worries: Just email the owner or get in touch with Box support. We’re here to help.”

    Do you know why it isn’t working?

  6. I keep getting the message
    “This shared file or folder link has been removed.”
    I’m using the most recent Acrobat on a MacBook

  7. Thank you for sharing this pattern, it caught my eye immed’ly !! I have a “buy no more policy” here, yet I again break that policy ! 🙂 bec’ I ordered the same fabrics. I just love the finished look and colors you had. I have pulled fabric from my stash to make it too. So will I make two or not ???
    As one quilter once said, worse than dying w/ unfinished projects it to run out before one dies. 🙂
    Also enjoying Head to Toe BOM.
    Thank you so much for the sharing and the fun.

  8. Planning to join along. I made a photo of the fabrics I’m using. Christmas! I attempted to upload them to flickr. Thanks Denise!!

  9. Thanks for the great pattern. BUT something odd about Block A: When I click on the link above & view the pattern, it has gobbledygook under the boxed text. And if I try to download it, Adobe Reader doesn’t recognize the typeface you used there & the only thing readable is the “Y” at the beginning. Maybe I’m the only one having this problem.

    • Perhaps you’re version of Adobe Reader is not the same as what I use? When you view it may look funny but it should print and download correctly. You did actually “download” it and not save from the view screen correct? In any event, that text tells you you need to make 8 blocks and they should measure 9.5″ x 12.5″

  10. Thanks, Denise! 32 FQs of the newest Kona cotton solids to spread out over the blocks. A little uneven, but I will have plenty for the border, too!

  11. Thanks for the pattern. I have some beautiful Amy Butler fabrics that I was going to use a different pattern and now I’m have a big decision after the introduction of this wonderful pattern, This pattern showcases wonderful prints beautifully. I had the pleasure of meeting Amy at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England earlier this month. It certainly was the trip of a lifetime. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to go to England. My paternal grandfather was born there and came to the US when he was 17 by himself. So, my trip was like going home with out actually having been there. Again, thanks for the wonderful pattern. I adore the fabrics you chose, too.

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