A few more blocks

Well with all my puttering today and playing in EQ, I still haven’t gotten all my blocks cut.  But there’s no hurry since it seems to be every changing as to what I want to do.  I took this photo of some of my block pieces up on the design wall.  The light is shining in the window so washing the photo out a bit.

DSCN3763 But I suddenly realized that I didn’t pick a fabric for the cornerstones in the sashing.  The sashing is a light sort of tanish shade so I decided to pull the red tone on tone out of the blocks (good thing I only have two of them cut) and use that for the cornerstones which should have a nice pop of color against the tan.  I love that red fabric.

The gold tone on tone I found in my stash and it matched the golds in the fabrics perfectly so I added that one in.   So now to figure out what fabrics I’m going to use to replace those two red ones.

But good news – well at least I think so – I managed not to get poured on (just sprinkled on a bit) when I went to the grocery store so now I have coffee galore along with some other essentials so I shouldn’t have to venture out in the rainy and humidity until time to go to work on Tuesday. 🙂


5 comments on “A few more blocks

  1. I decided on a smaller version and then it kinda got a mind of its own but am all done with blocks. Its 3 blocks by 3 blocks.

  2. I have my fabric picked (from my stash), the instructions saved and printed. Only a few more (grueling) hours of (payroll work) data entry and I’ll be free to sew.

  3. I got the blocks cut before I left this morning. Am home now and will lay them out and start pinning in a bit. Fun!

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