Will you be stitching along????


Remember the Labor Day Stitch along of Mix ‘n Match is this coming weekend. (I keep forgetting I have Monday off!)

I need to do some serious clearing off of the sewing table yet again – the never ending battle – to clear away the remnants of my last Camp Loopy project and my Halloween Swap block – got two sets of those finished last weekend but have Halloween fabrics spread all over the place.



Will you be stitching along with me??  Do you have your fabrics planned??

Some general prior info on this project was posted here.    Here’s the full frontal view (thank goodness I really only gave you a straight on shot of the quilt right!) LOL

and a link to a color image.


And, if you want to play around with your colored pencils or crayons (who doesn’t like to color?) or perhaps code the squares so you know where you want to place your fabrics in the blocks, here is a line drawing of the quilt top.

PLEASE NOTE!!!  I use box.net to store files for download.  When you click on the link you will see a “preview” of the file.  If you right click and save it or send it elsewhere in your computer – it is only the preview page and when you go back later, it will not open the actual file.  YOU MUST click the download button at the top of the screen.  Then tell it to SAVE AS and give it a name you have assigned to it so you will remember what it is and can find it back when you need to – or simply choose the Print button next to the download button if you don’t want to save it.  Do not just save the link – most of  my patterns are free on the blog only for a limited period of time – when I inactivate the link, your saved link will no longer give you access.


Remember – I will not email out patterns individually – that cuts into my own free time which is very precious to me. If you want a free pattern, it’s up to you to download, print, save, etc.   If you forget how to save the box.net files – that info is always available in the

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8 comments on “Will you be stitching along????

  1. Thank you Denise for this great pattern.. I love your version. It is so bright and cheerful. Looking forward to the first installment.

  2. I will press the fabrics today (Friday) and start cutting when you post the instructions! Sat. is a family reunion but will catch up as I can. Looking forward to trying this in solids even though I love the daisy fabrics you have.

  3. I plan to sew along. I really like the quilt, and I appreciate you doing this. I am looking forward to a three day weekend.

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