CustomFit Fall KAL

DSCN3731Remember these yarns – they were the ones I was trying to decide between for my CustomFit Fall KAL sweater.   A decision was made  ….

a swatch was knit….

DSCN3757 I opted for the Wool of the Andes Tweed in the Farmhouse Heather color.

So I cast on about 3 days ago and its amazing how quickly worsted yarn knits up compared to the past couple projects I’ve been working on with thinner yarn and smaller needles.  I’ve got about 11″ or so of sweater knit so far on the back of my sweater.

I was torn between a couple patterns but thought this yarn would look great as Birch Bark.  Although you know I’m not fond of actually making cables – I’ll just suck it up for this one.  They’re not hard – they just slow me down all that putzing with a cable needle but I think they should go pretty quickly.

My sleeves will probably be a bit shorter – 3/4 length and not have the slight bell on the end since if I do a straight sleeve it will be wide enough as it is.  I may or may not put the little cable detail on the sleeve – will wait till I get to those to decide.  And miracle of miracles, the yarn actually came out of the stash.  I did order three more balls (they’ll just a little over 100 yards each) to make sure I won’t run out.



3 comments on “CustomFit Fall KAL

  1. That is a great sweater! I love the color you chose. The shorter sleeves are really appealing and I would forget the little cable thingy on the straighter sleeve. On me sleeves always get pushed up and designs like that are lost. Your sweaters have been just beautiful colors and patterns this summer. Loved them all!

  2. Denise, do you ever sleep? I’ve been following you all summer as you complete quilt project after quilt project as well as sweater or scarf after sweater or scarf. You’ve cleaned your work space several times. You go to work. I’m retired and I’m not accomplishing nearly what you are. I am simply green with envy!

    • LOL – sleep is very overrated! If I could just learn not to be so messy in my sewing room, then I could get a whole lot more done but that will never change. 🙂

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