Camp Loopy Completed

DSCN3744  My third project for Camp Loopy – the Fabric Version – is now complete.  It’s amazing what you can get done when you internet provider crashes over the weekend so you can’t putter away the hours on Ravelry, or email, or playing games. LOL

Got it layered and quilted and bound.

For this  third Camp Project, we needed to use two different Short Stacks (fat quarter collections) —  one from the Collections (fabric collections) and one from the essentials  (all in one color family).  I used this Charley Harper Short Stack and this one from the essentials.  The only fabric from the Charley Harper stack that didn’t make it on the front of the quilt was the cardinal/squirrel print which you can see got pieced into the backing on the second photo.  I also ordered some additional colors of the queen anne’s lace looking print.  Originally I bought extra red to use for the binding but some crazy woman used it all when piecing the back so when I got to making the binding – DOH!  but I found a mottled blue in the stash that went well with the blues so it all worked out. Actually I’m contemplating new couch in the shades of blue in the quilt and if I get it, this will hang above it so the blue binding worked out well.

DSCN3755 The back is just a mishmash of all the left over pieces.  Tho you can’t tell from the first photo, the blacks are all the tone on tones from the essentials short stack.

If you are a regular blog follower – this quilt design might look familiar – it’s a smaller version of my SnowBirds quilt design I did for Hoffman California Fabrics.  You can find the full quilt pattern on their website in the free patterns section.


I’m sorry to see Camp Loopy end for another year but I don’t know if I could have kept up the pace of completing one knitting project and one quilting project each month!


So let’s recap my Camp Loopy summer activities………

First Camp knitting project was the Ethel Shawl and first sewing project was Snow on the Lake.

Camp Loopy 2014 Project 1 Start 6/1/14 Fin. 6/15/14

Camp Loopy 2014 Project 1 Start 6/1/14 Fin. 6/15/14



Second knitting project was the Pine Forest Baby Blanket since I’m going to become a “Great Auntie” after Christmas and since I have since found out it’s going to be a girl, I can see some little girlie sweaters in my future. 🙂  And the sewing project – Mix ‘ Match.  Mix ‘n Match pattern will be a freebie on my blog as a sew along project on Labor Day Weekend.




and my knitting project for #3 was Zigzagatory.

Whew!  Now if I can continue the momentum – I’ve got several knitting projects in the works that were put aside, and of course I just swatched for a new CustomFit Fall Knit Along sweater – just have to decide on the pattern – and there are endless quilt tops that need to be finished…………….


Camp Loopy 2 project. Start. 7/1/14 Fin. 7/13/14  Pine Forest Baby Blanket

Camp Loopy 2 project. Start. 7/1/14 Fin. 7/13/14 Pine Forest Baby Blanket

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  1. You do such lovely work! Thank you for your inspiration. I have a long list of things I want to sew and knit and am slowly working through them partly because of the beautiful work you do that keeps me inspired to persist.

  2. I agree with Sheryl: I like that Ethel shawl, not that I could do one, lol! Also the Snow on the Lake. I have my fabrics washed for the week end project and will press them tomorrow. Looking forward to the project!

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