Yarny Decisions

It’s been a puttering kind of morning so far.  I was up early, cleared off the sewing table because today I want to get my Camp Loopy wall hanging layered and quilted — deadline is approaching!   Stuck my head out the door – won’t be doing that again.  It is so incredibly humid the last two days – the outside of my glass door is a sheet of water.  And again a second day of extreme fog in the early a.m. hrs due to the humidity.  I’ll stay inside where it’s nice and cool this weekend!

And I have to clean off the sewing table so I can find all the things I want to keep in my new sewing table caddy.

DSCN3732Isn’t this cute.  I went out to dinner with a friend last night and we did some shopping.  It’s made of metal  – I found it in the clearance aisle of the gardening tools.  It was too cute to leave behind and will hold a lot of scissors and rotary cutters and rulers.  Darn I should have gotten a second one to hold all my old straight metal knitting needles!


As I was knitting along on my lacy sweater last night I remembered more yarn in the stash that might have enough yardage for some of the projects I’m mulling over for the CustomFit Fall Sweater KAL and the future  CustomFit Winter Sweater KAL.  I don’t have much in the way of sweater quantities of yarn – but dang I can make socks till the cows come home (and for all those cows that do come home – and being in the dairy state, that could be a lot of cows!)  with all those single hanks in my stash.   LOL  Or I may have to make a “sweater of many colors” from some of them.

I originally went in search of some Wool of the Andes Tweed I knew I had bought with the intention of making sweaters.  One color was fingering weight – nope, not feeling like making a sweater out of that right now.  But in the process of finding the “Farmhouse Heather” color which is a pretty shade of brown – almost a brown with gray tones in my opinion, which sounds ugly – but I love – but then I love most browns. It’s just a bit different from most brown tones you find in clothing in the stores.  Anyway I found these other two yarns as well.

DSCN3731The purple is some Three Irish Girls and I so love their yarn.  My guess is there’s enough for a vest pattern I’ve got my eye on – actually there two vests that have been on my want to make list even before they became CF patterns — Sebasco and Nantasket. The blue – I just might have enough to do Birch Bark.  The blue I actually have partially swatched – it wasn’t the right yarn for what I previously swatched it for but I may finish the swatch and then see if I have enough for Birch Bark.  Or I may just swatch all three yarns and see where I want to go from there.

Now to go clean up the kitchen before I get my wall hanging layered.  It was homemade biscuits for brunch today — for years I made horrid biscuits — well actually I didn’t make them because they were tasteless lumps that were dry and crumbly.  Finally I discovered one day what my problem was — I don’t cook with butter.  Hence I seldom buy butter – I just don’t really care for the taste (okay except I do buy it to occasionally put on popcorn and for one butter cookie (which of course needs butter to taste really good).  But I was really hungry for biscuits and happened to have some butter here.  Hmmm I don’t know if it’s a good thing that I found butter is the key to my making very delicious biscuits….. I’d better go stick the leftover biscuits in the freezer for some other day…….