My latest sweater

Well actually I started this sweater back on….. on April 12 (one of those great Ravelry options – start and finish date for projects so I can see how long they’ve been languishing – I had to go quick take a look at the dates).

But then Camp Loopy started, and in addition to two camp projects a month,  I also had my Customfit KAL sweater to make so this one got pushed aside.

lacy I finished the back of this sweater the beginning of June It’s plain stockinette stitch with the seed stitch hem but part of the delay on starting the front was which design I wanted to use for  a panel in the front.  I changed my mind many times but I really like the one I ended up with.  It’s a super easy to remember and if you know how to “read” your stitches you can tell which of the two rows you need to do next and the wrong side rows are purls or knits so you can easily tell.  Even tho it’s easy, it’s very fun to do so it keeps my interest – at least so far – so much so that I keep forgetting to do the shaping rows outside the lacy section!

Of course now my dilemma is CustomFit has started their Fall Sweater KAL — do I continue to work on this one or do I cast on a new fall sweater with some tweedy yarn I’ve got in the stash.  And then the dilemma is what to make with that tweedy yarn if I do start another.

Have I told you how much I love Amy Herzog’s CustomFit ? I think I have. 🙂  She has just added some new features to the CustomFit website and they are fantastic.  They’ve added two categories of “makers”  (you know – that person who is knitting the sweater is the “maker”).  For a small monthly fee I now get free pattern coupons throughout the year which is a great cost savings and I probably will never exceed the number of coupons for the part I enrolled in because I just don’t have time to knit more than 8 sweaters a year. LOL  For those hard core knitters there’s a level with unlimited patterns for a fantastic price.  Plus lots of other freebies, different stitch patterns, additional recipes (knitting recipes that is not the food type!) and patterns, – and the support on the Ravelry group is fantastic.  I can’t say enough good stuff about CustomFit.  If you want to learn more about it – the Ravelry group is a great place and you can see all the fantastic sweaters that have been made.

Okay – back to my dilemma – start a new Fall sweater or use this one for that instead?  You know my aversion to doing cables — well ever since I joined CustomFit I’ve been wanting to make Amy’s Birch Bark sweater — altho a bit longer that her’s is and I think with  3/4″ sleeves rather than the bracelet length slight bell sleeves (changes I can easily tell it to make in CustomFit and it will generate a pattern in my size with those changes all based off my measurement set and my swatch gauge of whatever weight yarn I want to use).  I love the three simple cables up the front – but then there are several other ideas floating around in my head. Hmm.. first things first – go pull out the yarn in my stash and knit a swatch.  It all starts there and after that I can figure out what sort of sweater I want to make.  In the meantime, this blue sweater is my bus riding knitting.

Dang I also need to pull back out my ESK 3rd quarter project – I think that’s supposed to be done next month.  I was off to a good start but the it got put….. somewhere….. okay I’d better launch the search!

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