Knitter’s Gifts

DSCN3712Pretty speedy for a change.  This month’s block and I already have it done.  I decided to use just the purple for the fringe since if I tried cutting the strips from the leftovers of the other fabrics I used in this block, it would not have been a true bias strip since I was working mostly with only 10″  squares of fabric to begin with.   

I’m thinking a larger project with various size width and length flying geese strips could be fun since EQ7 makes it easier with a tool to draw flying geese strips – it sections them out for you so you just have to draw the curves.  Unlike one flying geese design I still have drawn on tissue wrapping paper – a large cutout heart that is all flying geese.  That was pre-EQ for me and I drew it all with pencil and ruler.   But projects for another day.

Here’s the Knitter’s Gifts  blocks I have done so far.  Two sock blocks are ready for me to stitch down too and then I just have last month’s block to do which will be super quick and easy.


Of course seeing these hats and socks and scarf reminds me I’m getting very near the end of my Camp Loopy scarf/shawl and hopefully you’ll see a finished photo tomorrow so I have to go wind that last hack of yarn because I just bet I’m going to need a little big of it to finish it off.




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