Gaggle of Geese

DSCN3709  My flying geese scarf is all pieced.  Actually the paper piecing on this one was fairly painless – except for that one fabric piece trimmed off accidentally which should not have been, and the other piece I ended up with a fold in that had to be fixed.

A tip when working with a pattern piece this long – I rolled the pattern into a tube, so that it didn’t get into the way as much going in and out of the throat of the sewing machine.  Someone also asked if I press the fabrics each time I add a piece.  No, I didn’t.  I’m using batiks so running my fingernail along the seam to press it flat works really great with batik fabrics.  I did press the whole think lightly before trimming off the excess fabric and adding the seam allowance.

DSCN3710So now to get rid of this very colorful trimmed off scraps, figure out what fabric I want to use for the scarf “fringe” and then I can straighten up the rest of the batiks spread all over the table.


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