A Knitter’s Gifts – August block

Well I can’t claim to be totally caught up on this BOM.  I have one hat block to make, and I think I have two or three sock blocks to applique – the pieces are all cut and ready to go so it shouldn’t take long.   And then there’s this month’s block – the flying geese scarf.

August Block

August Block

Friend Janet P already left a comment regarding the fact this block is paper pieced because she knows I don’t like doing paper piecing.  🙂  But when it’s all just moving along one continuous piece like this – I don’t mind too much.  I guess what I really find annoying about paper piecing is all that thread cutting and trimming away of excess fabric – slows me down. LOL

But I decided I’d tape my pattern together.  Then decided I’d pick out what fabric I wanted for the “background” of the scarf around the geese portions.  Well then, why not stitch a section or two…… I don’t know what time I started sewing on this block but I finally called it quits about 12:30 a.m.

I have a whole mess of scrap trimings and thread tails on one side of the table and the other size has the pile of batiks I’ve been digging through to use.

Here’s what I have so far. I think I’ve got about 9 more geese to add.  The colors look a bit off – at least on my computer since the scarf background is very purple and not blueish.

DSCN3705I also got the backing all pieced for my Camp Loopy sewing project done as well as added the final border to the front of that project so once I finish these flying geese, I can get to layering my wall hanging.


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    • I love it Ms Russert, I want to do one like that in batiks too. I dont know where to find the pattern but that sure would be neat in just aout anything. thanks

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