We have a winner………

Okay – so if you’ve been reading along you know that I posted a little contest to try to come up with a name for this quilt pattern since I was having trouble coming up with one.

colored   There were lots of name ideas.  Many were similar to names I’ve given other patterns like City Streets, Cobbled Path, Bricks, various quilts with Garden in the name – not that I expect you to know what my quilt names have been – but I decided to stay away from those. It’s always so fun to find out what other people “see” that quilt as.  Lots of very inventive names.    But none were really talking to me.  🙂  Some were based on the colors I had used or the colors I plan for my next quit from this pattern t but for a project like this, were it would look good in so many varieties of fabrics from floral to solid to Asian inspired to holiday themed, I didn’t want a name that was tied to the colors shown.

Then, as I was looking at all my new lovely fabrics I got at The Loopy Ewe for my next (and larger) version of this quilt, I was mulling over which fabrics I wanted to mix and match with certain other ones.  And then it hit me, I think the perfect name for it is Mix ‘n Match!

And since the prize drawing is just random among all who left a comment, it doesn’t matter that I ended up coming up with my own name in the end.

So this time, to shake it up a bit, I decided I’d use the random LETTER generator (getting tired of numbers and having to count through all those comments) LOL and whoever had that random letter in the position where the commentor’s name (or email, or whatever you are identified as when leaving a comment – it shows up first above your comment) — so whoever, was the first person to leave a comment, starting in date order from earliest comment, with the Random Letter in their name, would be the winner. The letter was “B”.

b   a charm packet of Moda “Wishes” that I included in my latest Box of Fun fabric order, will be going

bw  Congratulations Barbara! Thank you all for playing and sharing your name ideas.  Don’t forget the pattern will be presented on Labor Day Weekend!  I hope you’ll stitch along with me!