EQ play versus cleaning

I was going to finish cleaning the sewing room bright and early this morning…. I’d just check emails first… but then I had an EQ thought and you know how I get once I open up EQ to play.   It’s 9:30 and no cleaning has been done and here has not even been any breakfast!

But I’m done playing for now and need to get back to the business at hand.  But here’s a little eye candy I was playing with.

graymatter I love gray fabrics so was playing with some free fabric downloads for EQ.  I rather like this one which I have called Gray Matter.  It’s just one simple repeating block.

This one I call licorice whips.

licorice whipsI like the look of it but I think there are way to many seams all converging in one area and its paper pieced with a zillion (slight exaggeration) pieces per block.  But sometimes its just fun to pay with a design to see what happens — and the images are always great to print out on greeting card blanks  so they get used in a different way.

And as I was looking at the newer EQ fabric downloads available (I generally don’t download them since I’m usually just putting in a fabric or color that has the “feel” I want and not a specific fabric I want to use but in the downloads I found the group of fabrics I used for my last camp loopy project!  I could have preplanned the placement of all my fabrics  but heck, that would no have been as much fun as just making it up as I went along.

Okay – cleaning, breakfast, more coffee….



5 comments on “EQ play versus cleaning

  1. I hope you are going to make the pattern for Gray Matter available. I love it and it is very eye catching!

  2. I especially like the licorice whips!! Really pretty, and I love paper piecing. You could always use less fabrics, and therefore bigger pieces, if you don’t want to deal with thousands of pieces….like the last one too, but I’m a sucker for anything that looks like stained glass. Love them!!

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