Tootsie Roll break….

Yes I’m easily distracted today since cleaning the sewing room is not much fun — there’s a great sense of accomplishment when I can actually see the entire table and entire floor but until then it’s just annoying.  So when I heard the mailman leave a package outside my door, I knew it would contain Loopy Ewe Box of Fun Tootsie Rolls inside.

So I grabbed a cup of coffee, and cleared a spot on the table to so I could get to the Tootsie Rolls and eye the new fabric I ordered.

DSCN3688Look at those neatly folded orderly stacks all tied up with ribbons.

The ribbons end up handing on a little bar attached to my sewing room wall where I clothes pin up my various knitting project swatch pieces.  Then when I’m sending out gifts to quilty friends, they get reused as package ribbons.  And a few of them might also be used to tie up my tomato plants. 🙂


But enough admiring those fabrics in the plastic.  Here they are


I haven’t freed them from their red ribbons yet because (1) I had to place a second order to get a bit more of a couple of them since I decided to make my project twice the size or more that I was originally contemplating and (2) if I take the ribbons off, then I’ll want to start planning which ones I’ll use where, which could lead to cutting just a few of them and maybe piecing a block or two…… I’m supposed to be cleaning…. new starting new projects!!!

So they remain beribboned for the time being – I have to finish that Camp project first anyway!


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    • Oh yes they do! I can’t remember how long ago they added the fabric end to the store – some time last year maybe – this is the first year that we are doing fabric Camp Loopy. And you earn rewards like you do with their yarn, and Tootsie Rolls…….. 😉

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