Thimbles, thimbles and more thimbles

When they repainted the apartment for me back in 2012 -just over two years ago – I of course took everything off the walls and stashed them away.  Once the painting was done, I was busy and decided I’d just wait a while until I decided what I really wanted to put back up on the walls.   Maybe get rid of some stuff and switch stuff around, etc.  Well I think two years is probably long enough to wait to do that!

I have two of these print type drawers.

DSCN3690They were originally in the sewing room and I put them back up there after the painting.  But then one day there was a clunk and the one that hung below this one had fallen to the floor.

Luckily, it dropped straight down but didn’t really tip and the bottom of it was only about a foot off the floor when it fell.  Only one or two of the thimbles were broken in that little event but it could have been much worse.

The picture hanger on the back of the shelf had pulled loose and I’ve had a heck of a time replacing it.  The thimbles went in a box and I stuck the shelf in the closet.

Well in my cleaning today I pulled it back out of the closet and decided I really did need to put a few things I love back up on the living room/kitchen walls.    My problem with the thimble shelves is they are dang heavy and solid.  The wood is so hard that last time I tried I couldn’t get one of the picture hanger nails to even go into the wood.  But I remembered to buy some different ones and finally today was able to get a new hanger put on it.

The one with the thimbles on it is still on the sewing room wall at the moment.

But progress!  The other one is on the living room wall.

DSCN3692And in looking at this photos, I even managed to get the picture hanger on the right end of the other one so that when the second one is hung to the left of that print, the drawer handles will be pointing in opposite directions rather than both in one direction (those little things that drive me nuts) LOL.

So maybe tomorrow I’ll pull the box of thimbles back out of the closet and get the empty drawer filled back up.


Before I decided to put the thimble collection up in the living room, I had put the little cabinet that holds the thimble holder/thread holder/needle holder collection (and a few other miniature things and thimbles too big to fit on the other shelves to the right side of that same door but I’m going to put something else up there and  take it down and move it to the other room.  That light wood and more modern/cheap  box just doesn’t look right on the same wall even with the doors in between to separate them.  I think some of the thimble holders and needle holders must have ended up in the box of thimbles  because all those little squares in that cabinet should be full.



Now if you hear a shriek tomorrow, you’ll know what it is.  It will be the fact that I took down that other thimble shelf, with all the thimbles still in it, and tried putting it up on the other wall without taking all the thimbles out and something bad happened.    That is tricky business but I have done it before without incident so I’m hoping I can get lucky again because I don’t feel like pull them all off that shelf.

I think perhaps that’s enough cleaning for one day and time to pull out the knitting.


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  1. There is a product that Joanns and craft stores that is like plastic play-do, This stuff is great, I use it all the time and so does my teacher daughter. It can hold the objects in the little pockets so if the printer tray gets bumped or you need to dust the object are a little more protected. Love the type trays.

    • You mean I’m supposed to dust them????? Actually that’s what Swiffer dusters are made for. They dust them great and don’t disturb them. Last time I moved I washed them all before putting them back up — that took a very long time.

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