On the Needles report…. better late than never

DSCN3685  My Camp Loopy project is coming along nicely.  As I’ve said before – Zigzagatory is such an easy project.  All the shaping happens at the one edge and its simple increases and decreases over just a few stitches.  I just started my second ball of yarn so it will be interesting to see if the patterning of the stripes and little pools will change.  Plus, I’m working on the same number of stitches, just increasing and decreasing for the edging and not adding width overall – so that may affect how it stripes or pools before I get to the point where I start decreasing down the other edge. Don’t forget to check the Friday On the Needles post at patchworktimes.com to see all the other inspiring projects


The other thing off the needles that I posted a photo of earlier this week- my CustomFit Summer Sweater KAL project.


While it’s off the needles, it’s in time out. The fit of the sweater itself is spot on (thank you CustomFit) but the cowl, which I was sort of guessing on — is not right for this yarn.  It’s too stiff and I started it too low so it’s actually too low if you were looking at a straight on photo and I seriously don’t think my co-workers need that view.

DSCN3680This was made from a microspun yarn I had in the stash for years so while it’s “ok” for the body, it’s not for the cowl neck and it’s not a yarn I would buy again.  So this will sit in time out until I decide to rip the cowl off (gads! it took ages to knit that cowl) and put a different edging on it.  In other words, don’t except to see me wearing it before next spring ’cause I’ve moved on to other things for the time being. 🙂


I’ve been busy cleaning out some things this a.m. – a friend’s daughter heads off to her first apartment and there are barstools, end tables, lamps – things too good to toss that I’ve been saving to give to someone who needs them and I found someone!  So pulled them all out so she can choose what she wants.

And as I was doing this I discovered that fruit flies had taken up residence hovering over my three very ripe bananas.  So there was nothing else to be done…

DSCN3687  Banana bread had to be made so I have four little loaves, which are nearly cool enough for me to taste test. So time for a coffee break.  On my agenda for today – the disastrous mess I’ve made in my sewing room working on my Camp Loopy projects – I never cleaned up the mess after the last one, let alone the mess I’ve made working on the current one.    Once the mess is cleared away, I can add my final border to the wallhanging and have a clear table to layer it on.

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