Labor Day weekend stitch along and a giveaway

Do you have plans for Labor day weekend (for those not in the US, its August 30, Friday, thru Labor Day Monday, Sept. 1).  If not, why not join me for a stitch along project.

You may have seen this quilt I previously posted — my Camp Loopy [the fabric version] project 2

DSCN3626I’ve gotten many requests for the pattern so this is the design for the stitch along.

A couple of things on how this will work.  This is going to be one of my “simplified” instruction projects.  In other words, I’m not going to give a list like “Fabric A – cut 5 pieces this  measurement and 12pieces this measurement, Fabric B cut 1 this size, etc”.    Because this pattern can use any number of fabrics  – and the more fabric variety the more interesting I think it will be – you will be getting the measures for each block “style” used in the quilt.

There are two main block styles in the center of the quilt so I will give you the cutting sizes for each piece of fabric used in each of those two main blocks and instructions on how to piece them.  Then you can pick and chose your specific fabrics you want to use in each specific patch and use as many fabrics as you like.  The border is also made up of one block that is repeated in two different fabric coloring versions.  So I’ll give you the info of each of those sections.  I think it will be pretty self-explanatory as we go along even if you have not done one of my free simplified instruction patterns before.  (If you look at the Stepping Stones free pattern in the right sidebar listing, you will see what I mean by “simplified” instructions.)

When I made this quilt, I used fat quarters, and quarter cuts of fabric, and I had a few larger pieces but I think I used a total of 15 fabrics or so as shown in the photo below.

fabI will give you an estimate on the background yardage tho — according to EQ, you need 2 yards.  This is an estimate since I haven’t computed out all the strips and cuts needed against that number.   I just looked back and I had ordered 2 yards for the quilt above but I had just scraps left over so you may want to get an extra 1/4 or 1/2 yard to make sure you have more than enough.

As you can see by the image below – you could use as few as seven fabrics plus your background, and tho I generally don’t go for a scrappy look, I can do a controlled scrappy (meaning the fabrics I used above to make the quilt were all from the same fabric line so coordinate well and using 15 different fabrics looked great) — that I can handle, but I’m just not a good totally scrappy quilter – I need a bit of order in my life so control it where I can. 🙂



But if you do scrappy, then the sky’s the limit on the number of fabrics you could use.  What about a holiday quilt — using all kinds of Christmas fabrics? Or all black and white and red and white prints, or even shades of solids or hand dyeds similar to the look in the quilt images, or a riot of all different batiks.  Lots of endless possibilities.

Oh, and the finished size of the quilt above will be 60″ x 72″ – a nice lap size quilt.

I personally will be working on a larger version — I need a wedding quilt for a niece so want to make them a larger quilt (but will wait and see when I get it done if I can part with it or if I need to keep it cause I love the fabrics I ordered).

The drawing below is the size I’ll be making.  It’s just random color placement but  check out the fabrics I ordered from The Loopy Ewe for this one.

I mixed and matched from two fabric lines by the same manufacturer that had the same color families in common. More great bird prints!


samanthaCourse I really should plan my projects a bit better — I didn’t decide I wanted to make a larger quilt until AFTER I placed this order so just had to place a second one to get a bit more of the prints I really love and also more background fabric (okay, a couple other fabrics may have found their way into the second order too because a quilty friend of mine in Sacramento gave me some lovely fabrics for my birthday (photo of those coming later) so I needed some solids to go with those.

And, included in that 2nd order is a charm pack for a giveway! yes I finally got around to mentioning that didn’t I.  🙂

This quilt design needs a name, so in order to be eligible for the random drawing giveway, leave one comment (one comment PER PERSON – not per email address for you multi-address people) on this blog post with your suggestion for a quilt name for this design.  Don’t leave me a comment saying you have no name suggestion… that does not make you eligible for the drawing — names, I want to see quilt names! LOL

When the charm pack arrives (which by my calculation and TLE’s speedy service I think will be Monday), I’ll pick the name I like best for the quilt and that’s what it will be called.  However, the random drawing for the charm pack will include everyone who left a name suggestion  (not just the name I choose) so don’t forget to post your name suggestion.


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